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Privacy Policy

Zocofy is committed to respecting the privacy of your personal information and data.

i. Zocofy is committed to safeguarding personal privacy. We recognize that users have a right to control how your personal information is collected and used. Providing personal information is an act of trust and it is taken seriously. Unless given consent to do otherwise, we will only collect and use personal information as set out below.

ii. Throughout our Privacy Policy, we refer to users’ 'personal information', which means information or an opinion about an identified individual, or an individual who is reasonably identifiable whether the information or opinion is true or not, and whether the information or opinion is recorded in a material form or not. Their full name, gender, date of birth, home address, home telephone number, mobile telephone number, email address and workplace contact details are examples of information which may constitute personal information. Personal information may also include information we may collect about our users individual preferences.

iii.  We developed and implemented our Privacy Policy with respect to personal information to reflect world best practice on privacy policies. These principles meet and exceed the requirements of the Spanish Laws, and have regard to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

iv. In order to keep up with changing legislation and best practice, we may revise our Privacyy Policy at any time without notice. We will post any changes on our Websites, so we encourage our users to check the Privacy Policy from time to time.

v. In addition to the provisions of the Privacy Policy, there may also be specific and additional privacy and consent provisions that apply to certain Collection Channels. Because those specific and additional provisions also relate to your privacy protection, we will recommend our users to review them wherever they appear.

Kinds of Personal Information that Zocofy will Collect and Hold from Influencers

1. Contact information such as full name, date of birth, telephone number, mobile telephone number, current and valid email address, residential address and postcode;

2. Apple AppStore and/or Google Play Store ID and unique device identifier (UDID);

3. Social media handles and login details including usernames;

4. location information;

5. Detailed contact preferences;

6. Photographs of user (profile photography);

7. Information regarding personal interests;

8. Financial details including bank accounts details and PayPal details;

9. Users online behavior and interests based on their online browsing activity;

10. Information about theis preferences, interests, and experiences with our products or services. This

information is collected in order to tailor our communications to them and continuously improve our

products and services.